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cof teaMazkan International can be considered one of the most proficient traders of coffee and tea on the open market. Our sources are perhaps some of the highest quality in the world, with only selected regions taking our interest, simply because we want to deliever only the very best in quality to our buyers. Our coffee comes from Guatemala, and our tea, both green and black from India and Sri Lanka.

Guatemalan coffee is arguably the crown jewel of Central America coffees.There are diverse growing regions within the country that have the altitude, soil and climate conditions to produce great coffee. Antigua coffees are well-known and highly rated. Huehuetenango from the north highland can be exceptional and have distinct acidity and fruited flavors. Acatenango, Atitlan, Coban, Fraijanes and Quiche can be nice. But the key to a great coffee isn't in the regional demarcation, but in the characteristics specific to the farm itself, and the farmer that works it. We ask many questions before we start buying products from our farmers, Is the health of the soil maintained with good agricultural practices? Is the picking done with care, excluding under-ripe and over-ripe fruits? Is the wet-process performed with diligence and consistency? Is the coffee tree a sustainable variety, or a newer over-producing hybrid? We do so to ensure only the finest quality coffee reaches you.

Green and lushly fertile, the island republic of Sri Lanka lies in the Bay of Bengal, just below the southeastern tip of India. Sri Lanka was formerly a British crown colony known as Ceylon, a name it kept for nearly a quarter-century after independence. Ceylon tea is a particularly prized form of black tea from Sri Lanka. It has a golden color and rich, intense flavor which many tea consumers greatly appreciate, and it is used straight as well as in tea blends. Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and Ceylon tea can be found all over the world as a result.

Certifications: USDA, IFOAN, BSC, BKA


Guatemala Antigua Hacienda Carmona Pulcal
Guatemala Antigua Retana Red Bourbon

Green Coffee:

100% Arabica Brazilian Green Coffee
Rio Minas NY 2/3 Screen 17/18
Rio Minas NY 3/4 Screen 15/16

Robusta Green Coffee
13 UP - 14 UP -16 UP

Instant Coffee:

Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
Packing: Packaging: 50g, 100g and 200g jars
Packing: 25 Kg cartons in bulk

Organic Instant Coffee
Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
Packing: Packaging: 50g, 100g and 200g jars
Packing: 25 Kg cartons in bulk

Quantity per 20 FCL cntr:
Jars 50g - 2888 cartons (24 x 50g)
Jars 100g - 1483 cartons (24 x 100g)
Jars 200g - 1408 cartons (12 x 200g)
Bulk: 260 cartons x 25 Kg = 6500 Kg Net Wt

Quantity per 40 DRY:
Jars 50g - 5950 cartons (24 x 50g)
Jars 100g - 3134 cartons (24 x 100g)
Jars 200g - 2904 cartons (12 x 200g)
Bulk: 540 cartons x 25 Kg = 13,500 Kg Net Wt

Quantity per 40 HC:
Jars 50g - 6648 cartons (24 x 50g)
Jars 100g - 3582 cartons (24 x 100g)
Jars 200g - 3430 cartons (12 x 200g)
Bulk: 646 cartons x 25 Kg = 16,150 Kg Net Wt


We are exporting original Green Tea, Black Tea, Tea Bags and Superfine Tea from India and Srilanka.
Below are the different types of Green and Black Tea available for exports:

1. Green Tea
2. 1001 Night Tea
3. Green Jasmine Tea
4. Green Chamomile Tea
5. Green Lemon Tea
6. Green Raspberry Tea
7. Green Jazzy Mint Tea
8. Earl Grey Tea
9. English Breakfast Tea
10. Mango Tea
11. Black Vanilla Tea
12. Raspberry Tea
13. Passion Fruit Tea

Package: Vessel, Container and in Small Containers.

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