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  • CRT Accredited

    Mazkan International is an accredited licensed brokerage from the Commission of Registered Traders. As such we adhere to the highest standards and levels of international trade right across all our business activities.

  • Mazkan Energy

    At the core of the ethos of our energy exploration, production and development subsidiary, Mazkan Energy additionally shows a direct care for the environment, and attempts to pioneer the industry by helping to develop renewable energy.

  • Commodities

    With one of the most diverse commodities portfolios in the world, Mazkan International is a world class supplier of the very highest quality commodities at the most competative rates anywhere, from one container to several vessels, we ensure your satisfaction.

  • Logistics & Shipping

    We fully appreciate the importance of your cargo and work round the clock hand in hand with the worlds top logistics and shipping groups with 110% insurance in place to ensure your products are safe from port of loading to port of discharge.

  • FMCG

    Working towards assisting larger retailers benefit from our buying power, Mazkan International is rapidly becoming a known name within the FMCG market. From Food, to Electronics and Clothing we are continually developing our international presence.

  • Mining

    Our capacity to reach some of the most valuable precious metals and stones globally through our structured mining program ensures both profitability and ecological sustainability with the world’s first 'green mining' initiatives.

  • Infrastructure

    Mazkan Infrastructure is involved with the development of both Commercial and Residential Buildings, Port Works, Roads and Drainage, Bridges, Site Formation, Electricity and Power generation, Refineries, Waterworks, Land piling and much more.

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scatec egypt

Norwegian firm Scatec begins plans to construct solar plants in Egypt

in Market News by Editor
Norwegian firm Scatec has begun plans to construct 250MW capacity solar plants in Egypt aimed at boosting electricity production in the country. The mega construction project is being carried out at two sites in Benban and Zafarana in Egypt as the first steps to the development of solar plants in the country. Norway’s Scatec Solar has commenced activities on two sites in Egypt as it prepares the ground for the development of 250 MW of solar PV capacity under the Egyptian government’s Renewable Energy program. Engineering and procurement activity is underway at Benban and Zafarana, including the completion… Full Article
rus ksa

Russia offers to build Saudi Arabia’s $100bn nuclear industry

As the Syrian war grinds on Russia has stepped up diplomatic overtures to Saudi Arabia by offering to build all 16 reactors in the kingdom’s intended nuclear programme over the next 20 years. Yury Ushakov, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the offer last week (30 August) ahead of a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s young, reformist second deputy prime minister, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in China, Russian state news agency Sputnik… Full Article
carbon capture

UK urged to fund carbon capture tunnel network beneath North Sea

The UK parliament’s advisory group on carbon capture and storage (CCS) has proposed the construction of a network of tunnels to pump carbon dioxide emitted by British industry into disused oil and gas wells under the North Sea. The report comes 10 months after the government abandoned its CCS Commercialisation Competition, which was offering up to £1bn ($1.3bn) to support the design, construction and operation of the UK’s first commercial-scale CCS projects. “This needs government action”– Lord Oxburgh, chair of the reportThe… Full Article

China Business Development

A special delegation from Mazkan International's China division together with our chairman Mr Allen Winthorpe, were recently in Beijing attending talks with various groups and associations discussing possible business development opportunities with infrastructure associations within the People's Republic of China. Mazkan International's chairman is very excited at the prospect of meeting prominent Chinese based groups and organisations, as a key platform towards the development of its international infrastructure projects. In… Full Article
maz pro

Trade Proceedures

Standards As a professional brokerage house, Mazkan International adheres to the highest standards of professional trade and corporate governance. Within the industry we claim our place as one of the few professionals who adhere to the correct methodologies for the trade of international physical commodities and services globally. For this purpose, in order to eliminate the wasting of time and valuable resources we would like to make very clear what our standard trading processes are to ensure that any business activities we engage… Full Article
diamonds ws

Precious Stones

Mazkan International offers a vast array of choice when it comes to precious stones, positioning our self as a leader within the circles of influence, we have direct access and JV agreements with several private mines around the world dealing with precious and semi precious stones. Traditionally, gemstone trade has happened in the exclusive circles of certain families. A few families in Belgium, Holland, New York, Israel, Africa, Brazil and India have been involved in most of the trade of large stones. Lately, these closed circles… Full Article
gold pm

Precious Metals

Mazkan International's predominant role within the precious metals & minerals industry consists of companies engaged in the extraction and primary processing of gold, silver, platinum, diamond, gem stone, semiprecious stones, pearl cultivation, and other rare earth minerals and ores. We actively invest primarily within precious metal mining operations and are also very much included within the industry through our very diverse international network of mines, corporations and investors. We are however mainly involved within the… Full Article