China Business Development

chinaA special delegation from Mazkan International's China division together with our chairman Mr Allen Winthorpe, were recently in Beijing attending talks with various groups and associations discussing possible business development opportunities with infrastructure associations within the People's Republic of China. Mazkan International's chairman is very excited at the prospect of meeting prominent Chinese based groups and organisations, as a key platform towards the development of its international infrastructure projects. In particular, Mr Winthorpe was honoured to meet Mr. Diao Chunhe, the chairman of the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA), which was founded in April 1988 as a nationwide trade organization.

CHINCA has been formed voluntarily and legally by enterprises & related organizations throughout China engaging in international project contracting, manpower service and other international economic and technical cooperation. CHINCA is approved by the Ministry of Commerce and registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. It is a member of International Chamber of Commerce, as well as the China national committee.

Mazkan International looks forward to developing further discussions with CHINCA as well as other groups and associations throughout the People's Republic of China, for the purpose of expanding its international policy on the deployment of international infrastructure projects. Mazkan International's chairman Mr Winthorpe was quoted as saying "Having the opportunity to meet associations such as CHINCA who have been actively operational with high profile infrastructure projects in over 180 countries globally has proven that Chinese expertise within this field is not only highly efficient but among some of the most professional and ethical throughout the world. We look forward to working more closely with our friends in the People's Republic of China, and towards positive business co-operation within the fields of international infrastructure development."

Recognition of the rapid expansion and economic growth within the people's republic of China, as well as the current policy for enhancement of international projects has given Mazkan International an exciting opportunity to become one of the key groups within the sector working closely towards reaching our strategic objective of building economically viable trade relations between professional organisations within the People's republic of China such as CHINCA, and other International partners of Mazkan International throughout the world.

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