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As a company heavily involved within the trade of energy and oil products, Mazkan International has taken the natural steps to develop within the field of energy development through the formation of ‘Mazkan Energy’ which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mazkan International.

Apart from the active trade of energy products, Mazkan Energy has opened avenues into new projects to participate with a variety of international partners for exploration and production of energy resources for specific domestic as well as international and commercial markets. Our operations through strategically placed partnerships now include exploration, drilling, refining, storage, marketing and distribution of energy products around the world. We are additionally through our infrastructure division actively involved within the construction and development of power stations, refineries, dams, power plants, and other resources required for the development, extraction, storage, transportation and deployment of energy products, a service we can provide from the ground up, providing a complete bespoke A to Z drill to petrol station service.

Mazkan Energy are proud to say that “we own the drill” when it comes to efficient, productive and profitable drilling. Whilst locating positive sources of energy are vital, we understand clearly the importance of successfully extracting that energy from the ground as being the key factor, which is where Mazkan Energy’s unparalleled experience comes into play. We do not simply locate the wells, we actively ensure they produce on a sustained basis.

Mazkan Energy focuses on projects that utilize the newest exploration technologies available, including aeromagnetic surveying, 3-D seismic, and horizontal drilling. This dedication to advanced technology not only increases the potential for improved economic performance, it also provides Mazkan Energy with valuable information that can be applied to future projects. The result is an ever expanding cycle of knowledge, innovation and success.

At the core of our ethos as an energy exploration, production and development group, Mazkan Energy additionally shows a direct care for the environment, and attempts to pioneer the industry by helping to discover new ways of developing and commercializing renewable energy right at the heart of the resource, wherever the location and whatever the condition. We add value at every stage of the operation from geoscientific assessment to environmental compliance to power plant operation to social acceptability.

Our advocacy is to help meet the growing demand for energy delivered by low carbon power options. As a matter of fact, our geothermal projects are now qualified in the clean development mechanism purchased in Europe for its low CO2 emissions. Mazkan Energy aims to strengthen its position as the market leader by developing new projects.

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