Seeds & Pulses

seedsThe foundation of a healthy diet, Fair Trade pulses & grains build a solid foundation for farmers and their families. In today's changing market, family farmers who have grown these crops for generations struggle to make ends meet. Mazkan International assures that small farmers earn liveable incomes and requires that specific grains and pulses be grown sustainably. By buying Mazkan International pulses & grains you support the farmers all over the world who contribute towards their provision.

The importance of grains and pulses is written into history, because grains are small, hard and dry, they can be stored, measured, and transported more readily than can other kinds of food crops such as fresh fruits, roots and tubers. The development of grain, seeds and pulses agriculture allowed excess food to be produced and stored easily which could have led to the creation of the first permanent settlements and the division of society into classes.

A staple diet for countless people across the world, we will endeavour to ensure that the needs of our clients are consistently met ensuring sustainability with our farmers and supply chains around the world. We will ensure that only the very best quality of grains and pulses are delivered in a variety of suitable ways from bulk to packaged.

Below is a list of some of the grains and pulses we provide. Please contact us for a full listing together with specifications available.


Cotton Seeds


Kaspa Peas
Mung Beans

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