Clothing Brands

n2jThe garment industry is very closely connected to the fashion industry and grows hand in hand. Fashion apparel is nothing more than the prevalent clothing at a particular time. This kind of high levels of fashion consciousness has created the need for candidates who are highly productive, efficient and have a passion to create new designs and give way to creativity. This sector is very demanding and requires both skill and diligence.

Mazkan International's FMCG clothing sector is an ultimate combination, it has through it's international network developed a matured garment industry along with vast trained manpower. We believe that gone are the days when FMCG were just suppliers to retail. As retailers become more reliant on clever branding, and as own-brand goods become a more integral part of their business model, retailers are no longer just FMCG companies’ customers – they need to constantly learn from them as well.

As we consistently listen to our clients and are innovating through a team of professionals within the industry, we strive to ensure the best quality for our clients through our brand name of Mia™ providing retail services to the clothing sector. With a wide array of both adult men and women's clothing, we also provide a quality range of baby and children's clothing and footware. Working hard through our network ensuring quality ultimately protects the quality of our products and ensures they are the focus of attention.

Mazkan International acts as the wholesale division for Mia™ clothing and will be happy to ship any quantity of products anywhere around the world.

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