Our Responsibilities

mzchThrough its operations, Mazkan International plays an important part in society’s development. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda is not only a reflection of our commitment to our staff, but towards our clients, their communities and nations. The actions we take are based not only on a clear strategy and vision, but also a set of company wide values and ambitious goals to be a responsible company, a stable business partner and employer.

Mazkan International has played an important role within international business since it's formation, and been involved within the private acquisition of several companies and groups in order to fulfil our directive of development and growth. In pace with globalization and growing markets, together with the onset of developing market economies, Mazkan International's operations have become more recognized within the international arena. Today the Group is active in around 30 countries and has around 400 employees. Our overarching goal is to contribute positively towards society, through continued response towards its needs.

High expectations

Predicting the needs and expectations of our various stakeholders is critical to the long-term success of our operations. Mazkan International's primary stakeholders are its customers, business partners, employees, shareholders and the society in which we operate.

Our customers and business partners expect us to offer efficient solutions designed for their specific needs. They want a business relationship that develops over time, based on mutual trust, and they want there to be no question that we will comply with international regulations and treaties and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Our employees expect Mazkan International to be an employer that utilizes their skills and offers opportunities for professional development. Our shareholders expect a consistently high return and transparency in our communication within the capital market.

The society in which we operate expects us to responsibly manage our business. This includes caring for the environment and contributing positively to our communities globally.


Integrity in business practice and our global network define our company 


We combine a strong history of knowledge with constant learning.


We are global citizens, honest and reliable and we keep our promises. 


We have a passion for innovation, we are open to change and we are committed to being fast and flexible.
Management of sustainability work

Overall responsibility for sustainability work rests with Mazkan International's Board of Directors, which, through the Chairman, regional CEO's and other members of Group Management, ensures that sustainable development is incorporated into daily operations. Group Management has assigned individuals responsibility for each of the sectors we operate.

Business ethics

The General counsel has overarching responsibility for our code of conduct and for raising business ethics issues in the organisation. In the course of day-to-day operations, every employee has an individual and shared responsibility to comply with the code of conduct. If any confusion arises, it is the duty of the employee to bring it to the attention of his or her immediate supervisor. Mazkan International has also established a whistle-blower function as well as an ethics and compliance unit within the legal department, which is responsible for the Group’s rules and ethical standards.


Our efforts are guided by our overall vision, business concept and values. Certain specific measures are governed by our sponsorship policy, which requires that sponsorship activities generally focus on education and technology.


Mazkan International's senior executive director and Head of Group Human Resources has overarching responsibility for HR work within the Group. Coordination and development of the Group’s HR work is handled by the HR units within each business area under the leadership of the HR staff.


Responsibility for Mazkan's strategic development and oversight of operations rests with Group Quality & Environment Policy. Operating issues are handled by the business areas, whose managers ultimately bear responsibility for compliance with environmental requirements. The goals that are set at the Group level and are broken down within business area, work group, etc. The Group Environmental Council coordinates and follows up environmental work within Mazkan International.

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