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maz dwMazkan International is organised into five distinct areas of business we call 'sectors'. As an international commodities brokerage our position is to ensure we have the ability to cover every sector trade globally for all of our clients. In order to keep our operational tasks smooth, we categorize our business model into the sectors below.

We pride ourselves with the ability to provide a complete A to Z bespoke solution for all aspect of our trade from production to packaging, to logistics, storage and warehousing, to distribution and shipping.

Regardless of sector, we will ensure our operational abilities are always at their highest possible level of professionalism adhering to the international standards set by our accrediting body the CRT and other international partners around the world. Leveraging our diverse service portfolio, we are able to ensure an across the board solutions to our clients offering unparalleled quality keeping our name at the forefront of trade and commerce. Our level of expertise gained from years of service history together with ongoing professional development within professional bodies such as the CRT ensures we are able to offer advice as well as streamline the trade process with all of our clients. 

Commodities Sector

Our trading division is further divided into other categories, targeting each main sector of international business. These are Agriculture, Fuels, Precious and non Precious Metals and Minerals. We pride ourselves with adequate staff within each of these fields whom are both expert and qualified to assist Mazkan International diversify our global presence further within each sector. Working with a powerful supply chain, Mazkan International can ensure that any of the sectors we cover within the trading of commodities is professionally maintained according to internationally recognized methodology of trade always utilizing UCP600 and recommendations from international partners. Regulated by the CRT all of our traders and qualified staff are ensured to be working towards the very highest standards.


Working towards assisting larger retailers benefit from our buying power, Mazkan International is rapidly becoming a known name within the FMCG market. We believe in offering our clients the best value for money, by removing the more often than not present several groups of ‘middle men’ which can make a significant difference to the overall value an end retailer can offer to the general public. In times of economic strife, never has the need towards a unique, money saving approach been better than our unique system of trading FMCG. We sincerely believe that the benefit of trading FMCG with Mazkan International will ultimately benefit the customer, which will in turn develop the trade cycle. Apart from FMCG, we also trade durables as well as other items. Take a look at our FMCG section to gain more of an insight.

Energy Sector

As a company heavily involved within the trade of energy and oil products, Mazkan International has taken the natural steps to develop within the field of energy development through the formation of ‘Mazkan Energy’ which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mazkan International. Apart from the active trade of energy products, Mazkan Energy has opened avenues into new projects to participate with a variety of international partners for exploration and production of energy resources for specific domestic as well as international and commercial markets. Our operations through strategically placed partnerships now include exploration, drilling, refining, storage, marketing and distribution of energy products around the world.

Mining Sector

Mazkan International runs it's mining activities through it's wholly owned subsidiary of 'Mazkan Mining'. Following the recent merger with our partner groups, we have successfully established a mining operations group which are capable of both domestic as well as international mining operations. Mazkan Mining covers all industry segments from precious metals mining, base metals mining, coal mining, bulk mining, with all additional operational and engineering process and services required to complete the tasks in hand. Mazkan mining additionally can ensure product consistency and quality by coordinating geologists, engineers, metallurgists, logistical, and maintenance engineers and additionally manage complex assets in remote locations when production and profitability relies on predictable asset availability.

Infrastructure Sector

'Mazkan Infrastructure' a wholly owned subsidiary of Mazkan International, coupled with our global network, Mazkan Infrastructure considers itself a vertically integrated construction powerhouse, engaging in building construction and civil engineering operations as well as other peripheral operations such as foundation work, site investigation, mechanical and electrical engineering, highway and bridge construction, ready-mixed concrete, pre-cast production and infrastructure investment and development. Mazkan Infrastructure strives as a group towards achieving the highest standards of quality, environmental and safety management, and has through our partners internationally recognized certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

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